Manage the certificate lifecycle

Request, Deployment, Revocation, and Expiration

Microsoft's Active Directory Certificate Services integrated in Windows Server are a reliable foundation for an enterprise PKI. Certificate Master adds important management capabilities to this system.

With the web-based request portal in Certificate Master, you can also support and automate certificate requests with self-service capabilities. The powerful policy engine evaluates request based on rules you configure, so you can automatically approve the majority of standard requests while you still have the flexibility to check requests for special case certificates manually.

Certificate Master Overview

User Rights and Self Service

The sophisticated rights system allows you to show each user the certificates relevant for them. For example, you can restrict the view to just the certificates the user has requested to implement an effective self-service.

Certificate Management

Certificate Master lets users find the certificates relevant for them. Search for certificate subject, requester or SANs intuitively.

Extensibility and API

If you still need more customization or integration, the plug-in system and API allows you to support and automate the certificate workflows you want and connect Certificate Master to your existing systems. Futhermore, Glück & Kanja's development team implements additional features on your request in addtion to the new features added constantly.