CertMaster Docs

Configuration of most website and service related settings in JSON format. As a hierarchical data format, JSON allows to nest configuration data. In the topmost layer, the following settings are available:

Section Client

Structure describing customer-specific tailoring

Section CA

Structure of Certification Authorities to be managed

Section Mail

Structure describing an SMTP service to send out mails

Section Certificate Category

Structure describing properties of category of certificates.

Section Authorization

You may use the pre-configured BasicAuthorizationModule that comes with Certificate Master without the need to develop a custom DLL. If you use BasicAuthorizationModule or a custom class that inherits from BasicAuthorizationModule, you can configure the following parameters:

Template configuration

Field configuration

The settings Required and ForceDefaultValue apply in addition to the validation defined in the policy engine configuration file. Use the configuration here where possible to provide a direct feedback to requesters. The policy engine will display an error message describing the problems with the request only after the requester has submitted the request, which is less user-friendly. It is possible to implement more sophisticated rules with the policy engine, though.

Section Logger

Description of a logging sink.

Section Logging